C3 Relocation is a start-up company in the field of global employee mobility, immigration and relocation services, specialized in helping international transferees and their employers save time, money and stress during the entire process of moving, adapting to the new culture, getting settled and achieving quality of life as soon as possible.

I, Cristina Conesa Carbonell, am the founder of C3 Relocation. As an enthusiastic and multilingual globetrotter, in love with foreign countries and cultures, I coordinate an international network of experts and partners to offer the best tailor-made solutions to our clients.

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, I have lived in 11 different cities in 5 different countries on 3 different continents over the past 16 years. After an international career as a Global Marketing Manager at several corporations, two years ago I settled with my family of four in Frankfurt, Germany, and made the decision to forgo stability in exchange for the promise of personal and professional growth and the excitement of making an impact on the society in which I live.

This impact consists of making YOUR RELOCATION one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of your life, encouraging people like you to be positive and open-minded about it and, last but not least, enjoying the ride together!










As you may have guessed by now, the abbreviation „C3“ in our company name stands for the name of our founder, Cristina Conesa Carbonell. Her long-year experience and multicultural know-how offer a unique added-value to the company as well as to our customers.

But „C3“ does not only refer to her name, it also stands for 3 core competencies we focus on while providing our services to you: Consulting. Culture. Comfort. These are the pillars that support our daily work and make us succeed with our clients.


At C3 Relocation, we understand the business of giving expert advice regarding your relocation and your new adventure in Germany. This huge change for you requires careful planning and consideration to make it a success.

You focus on what matters most – your new job, your family, the new environment… and we do the rest!
By understanding our clients‘ needs and ambitions, we are able to deliver cost and time effective solutions for all parties involved and take care of the detailed planning and project management for you.

From the very beginning, you will be assigned a consultant, who will guide you along the process and will be your single point of contact for all the services provided.


An international environment and globalization are part of your daily business life, however, are the German culture and language unknown to you so far? Adapting to a new culture and language is a challenge one cannot underestimate.

At C3 Relocation, we know what you are going through, and it is our goal to help you understand the new cultural environment and its impact on people’s behavior, expectations, views of the world as well as communication in an easy and comfortable way.

Inside information about German beliefs, mentality, language, local customs, traditions and lifestyle will be “raining on you” in your mother tongue or in English while we work closely with you on a smooth arrival and a positive overall experience.


Are you looking for a smooth integration, a neighborhood that defines your lifestyle, a new place to call home and activities that connect you to a new community?

Throughout the whole consulting process, we want to get to know you, your cultural perspectives, values and personal expectations. Based on that, we will offer personalized advice on multiple relevant aspects such as lifestyle choices, sports activities, local and international gastronomy, leisure facilities, excursions and trips for the whole family, social relationships and networking opportunities, clubs and associations, amongst others.

We believe that these aspects play a big role in making you feel at home, comfortable and relaxed, and we want to take care of them with you and for you!